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How to deploy a react app to Azure storage account ?

 For react application, we can host it on Azure storage account and then we can enable static web on it.  Firstly, we create Storage account, in this part we take note:  1. Region of storage account.  2. Performance.  Once storage account is created successfully, we enable static website and put index.html as index document name as below:  After click SAVE button, we get URL for the static website.  Example : OK, then we deploy code into storage accounts:  For deployment, we need access key of storage account,  Click on Storage accounts >> Settings >> Access Keys  to get ConnectionString:  For deployment we can use Jenkins, GitHub Action,.... In this topic I use GitHub Action for deployment,  1. Create a deploy.yml file,      deploy : if : ${{ contains(github.ref, 'develop') }} runs-on : ubuntu-latest strategy : matrix : node-version : [12.x] steps : - name : Checkout GitHub Action u